Why do this?

Community SEEDS is a nonprofit  dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, by creating opportunities for inclusion through social enterprise.

The Calico Cat Cafe is a program of Community SEEDS to create employment and job training opportunities that include adults who have autism and other intellectual differences.

The Calico Cat Cafe is just the first step to an entire campus of opportunities that - along with the cat cafe - will include an event center, upscale bistro, artisan bakery, doggie day care, and dog park. Phase II will include a greenhouse, garden center and florist shop.

Once children with lifelong disabilities reach adulthood, they no longer qualify for childhood services. After graduation, their social opportunities are limited. Their disability does not go away, but opportunity to find friends and a future often does.

Through social enterprise we can help bring more people into the workforce, foster deeper connections to community, and open the doors to a brighter future - beginning with the Calico Cat Cafe.

Our video entry did not make it as a finalist in the Chipstarter contest. But our video message is still important! Give it a view.

Get ready for purrr-fect desserts!

What we're hearing


“The services that SEEDS will provide are essential for our older citizens with disabilities that are no longer eligible for support from our education system.”

Senator Jim Honeyford

"One of the most important goals of public education is to provide our youth with the ability to have a fulfilling and productive life after school, which includes the ability to work and socialize.  Sadly, those with disabilities are underrepresented in the workforce.  SEEDS is the link our community needs to encourage everyone to be productive citizens."


Justin Irion, Asst. Superintendent/Spcial Education Dir., Zillah School Dist.

"I want to thank (SEEDS) for all the work you are doing to give our families who have adults with disabilities the opportunity to be out of isolation, to give them the opportunity to interact with others, and to feel  part of the community. My brother is excited to be involved." 


Cecilia Chavez, sibling


Our adult daughter, who has Down’s Syndrome, has been our number one consideration to stay in the Seattle area where she has employment and a variety of programs she can be involved in.  But now, thanks to Community Seeds/Cat Café, the dream of our family moving to our farm in Outlook may be able to happen soon!

Patti Jouper, parent

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