We need your help

Our culinary and cat adoption program, the Calico Cat Cafe, is in jeopardy of closing.

We are grateful to our community that has been so supportive in ordering take-out during the coronavirus, however, as with any restaurant, take-out orders have not been enough to sustain the program. 

Our coronavirus paycheck protection funds run out at the end of June, and we are reaching out to the community for help in keeping the cafe open. Our employees have written a letter to share their experience and raise awareness of the struggles they face with employment.

"I have been so happy, but now there is a chance that the doors might close . . . just when we finally found a place to belong, where we fit in, and now it might be taken away from us.” Rickette, employee


Donate to keep the cafe open by clicking the donate button, or mail a check to Community SEEDS, PO Box 1129, Zillah WA 98953

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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Why a Social Enterprise Campus?


There are nearly 400  people that have intellectual and developmental 

disabilities in Yakima County requesting employment and day services but can't get them due to lack of funding.

1in 59 children have AUTISM and will become ADULTS with little opportunity for employment or enrichment after childhood services end.

There are at least 400 reasons whY

we need a place to grow potential that includes adults with autism and other disabilities.

The Concept  

the SEEDS Center in Zillah will be a social enterprise campus providing resources for people of all abilities. At the Center we can offer employment,  job training, and enrichment activities that includes gardening, dog grooming and caring for shelter cats.

THE CAMPUS In addition to our Calico Cat Cafe & Lower Valley Cat Adoption Center, the campus will include an event center, upscale restaurant, bakery (with treats for pets and people), pet grooming, gift/pet shop, and doggie day care and dog park. A horticulture campus with a garden center and florist shop is planned for Phase II. 

Family resources will be offered  at the campus, as well as  administrative offices for SEEDS and other agencies who would like to be a part of our plan to bring solutions for adults with disability.

JOIN US Partnerships, volunteers, and contributions are needed to make this program a reality so that hundreds of deserving people with disability can enjoy a brighter future.

Let's do this. Volunteer. Give.

Send us your questions or comments.


PO Box 1129, Zillah WA 98953

Email: seeds.yv@gmail.com    509.731.7761

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