Our Goal is to respond to unmet needs of adults with disabilities in the Yakima Valley and create more choices for training, employment, enrichment, and support to increase skill acquisition, quality of life, and deeper connections with community. We must end  the isolation many children face when they age out of childhood services.

We are Focused on social-missioned business practice – Social Enterprise – to develop more choices in employment and job training opportunities in pet services, culinary arts, and horticulture. Through th is approach we can create more opportunities for advancement, and generate revenue to help sustain our support of people with disabilities.

Together, we can build a place for a better tomorrow. 

We have a Plan to GROW POTENTIAL

 The SEEDS Two Phase Plan:

  Phase I: SEEDS Center Social Enterprise Campus

- The SEEDS Center campus will offer a variety of therapy rich social

  activities, employment, and training at a restaurant, bakery, event/conference

  center, cat adoption center and coffeehouse. A dog park and doggie

  day care will be included.. .all of this at one convenient site.

-  The SEEDS Center will house a family resource room  and administrative offices .

- We'll have special events, rent our facilities, and foster community. 

- Enrichment program participants will benefit from therapy rich

  activites, boost self confidence, and learn new skills.

- Family Resource Room to connect to community resources. 


- Greenhouses and a garden center will allow us to teach horticulture,

  gorw produce for our cafe, and sell organic produce and flowers for

  profit year-round.

- Florist & Gift shop will teach floristry skills

- Our partnership with Zillah Lakes will create opportunity for training

  in landscaping

- Long-range plans include a satellite horticulture campus in the Upper

  and Lower Valley

We have a crisis.

Our children with disabilities in Yakima County struggle as they emerge from childhood with few opportunities for a successful adult life.

We have solutions!

Phase II

the act of including or the state of being included.


Look a little closer.

See the unique abilites of special needs citizens.  

And act...to include a special needs adult in your life,

your business, your community. 



Volunteer. Donate. Send us a message in our contact form and let us know how you would like to help adults with autism and other disabilities achieve their dreams here in the Yakima Valley. 



 This PSA was made in partnership with the WA State Developmental Disabilities Council through the Local Hispanic Leadership Development program


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